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 National Helping Families

    in Mental Health Crisis Day

October 7, 2015

Mark your calendar

Join our effort on October 7th National Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Day

To change the status quo!


On Wednesday, October 7

Here’s what you can do to help
the seriously mentally ill and their families

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CONTACT REPRESENTATIVE FRED UPTON, Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and urge him to bring a strong "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act (HR2646)" to a vote now.

Call Rep. Fred Upton 202-225-3761

Tweet to @RepFredUpton. Use hashtag #HR2646

Post on Fred Upton’s Facebook page Use hashtag #HR2646

Rep. Upton is on our side, but those who get federal funds and don’t serve the seriously ill are putting intense pressure on him to not use federal funds for the seriously mentally ill and not to use federal funds for evidence based practices. They want the funds used to "improve behavioral wellness" rather than help the seriously ill. It's outrageous that federal funds are being used to lobby against better care for the seriously ill!

CONTACT REPRESENTATIVE FRANK PALLONE, who is also holding up the bill in response to pressure from the mental health industry.  Those in the mental health industry receiving federal grant funds want the bill watered down so they can keep soft issues as their primary objective while sending the sickest to the back of the line. Urge Pallone to bring a strong "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act (HR2646)" to a vote now.

Call Rep. Frank Pallone (202) 225-4671

Tweet to @FrankPallone  Use hashtag #HR2646

Post on Frank Pallone’s Facebook page Use hashtag #HR2646

CALL OR EMAIL YOUR OWN REPRESENTATIVE. It’s easy. Go here to get direct phone number and email.

TWEET OR POST ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE OF YOUR OWN REPRESENTATIVE. But please call or email first, as this will be most effective. See our Social Media page.

SPREAD THE WORD. Share our home page with family and friends, NAMI, and anyone who cares about the seriously ill via twitter, facebook, and email.