We are not a Washington association. We are individual families
who have loved ones with SMI, and we live with these issues everyday.



Families in
Mental Health Crisis

It’s time to change the status quo!


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In memory of Josh Francisco

[One year ago, on Nov 8, 2014] His mother wrote: My son killed himself today…. READ MORE

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National Helping Families

A Mother’s Plea to Save Her Son from the Throes of Mental Illness: And Signs to Watch for in Your Teen or Young Adult

Regardless of our kids’ trials and tribulations during childhood and into the early teen years, the furthest thing from any parent’s mind is that our young adult child might develop a serious mental illness. Unfortunately, it is an equal opportunity disease that can strike even model kids who have rarely experienced a difficult day in their lives. Just as kids are preparing to become independent adults is when serious mental illness (SMI) often strikes. The incurable brain diseases of schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and bipolar disorder combined strike one in every 25 people typically as they are entering adulthood..  READ MORE

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